Marriage~ this was written 2 years ago

I was driving this morning dropping some child off for some activity, when I started thinking about friends and others who have been married for a while.  Why do some couples make it and others don’t? And what constitutes a good marriage?

What makes a good marriage?

What keeps you going?

Does it get easier?

Is it just a habit?

Now a little about myself~ I am a divorced.  I was married 21 years.  I was pretty unhappy most of my marriage.  I tried hard to please him but he was also very unhappy.  And even though divorce has been the right decision for me as far as being a much happier person, I  can’t answer that question for him.  He doesn’t speak to me at all, even when he sees me in public.  We have 2 wonderful daughters together.  I am currently living with a man I love very much, but there are commitment issues.  I am so interested to figure this out.

I read once that the answer to a long marriage is a poor memory.  So over the next few months.  I hope to interview or develop some type of survey to find out about marriage.  I would greatly appreciate any input, everything would be kept completely anonymous.  Message me on Facebook.

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