Gratitude right now!

So I picked up this book called 52 Lists for Happiness.   I bought it last year and did some of the activities but didn’t write them down in the book.  Probably because this time last year I was working full time and a little overwhelmed with work.  I am currently unemployed but looking.  Staying in the positive.  When I first started this I thought I had to write a list of 52 things.  (eye roll)  Sometimes I take things way too literal.

Today’s list is

List What Makes You Happy Right Now.  

  • Snowy days- being in the nice warm house looking out at it.  But I also like walking in the snow, shoveling the snow and playing in it.  I feel like there is something so clean and crisp about winter.
  • Playing with Lucy. There is something amazing about rolling around on the floor with Lucy that warms my heart.
  • Dancing- listening to music that makes me want to move.  Really raises my spirit.
  • Laughing. –  Something I truly miss about my sister.  Mark is a good substitute, and my brothers are pretty awesome about laughing about the stupid things that happen in life.
  • Watching wildlife- whether it is the birds, rabbits, squirrels, or turkeys or any number of wild animals.
  • Clean sheets-
  • Soaking my feet in bath salts before I go to bed.
  • Making healthy yummy food to share. I made these amazing Raspberry, almond flour, coconut sugar, tahini, sesame seed cookies and I can’t get enough of them.
  • Writing –  and sending postcards to people.  The idea I might bring a little joy to people makes me happy.
  • Posting my post-it notes on the T or around town.
  • Reading.
  • A clean bedroom.  Or at least an attempt at being clean.
  • Teaching- sharing ideas.  Learning
  • Adding ideas to this list.

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