Following my intuition

June 2018

So last night Mark and I met a young man who is living his life by listening to his intuition.  I am trying to do more of this.  He gave me a nice djembe which is super nice and he gave Mark a keyboard. Both of these things are things we have both been wanting.

I have tried to get back in touch with the young man but haven’t had any luck.  I started thinking more about his situation and started thinking maybe he was having a manic episode and is actually mentally ill.  Isn’t that sad, because this young man is trying to listen to his heart and rid himself of belongings I worry he is mentally ill.

My hopeful outlook for my future~ could be deemed mentally ill too I suppose.  I am applying for jobs but I should (fuck that word) could look for other housing options but I am set on getting my own place.  A house with a yard, big kitchen, storage space, spare bedroom, and a place full of love.  This is all difficult because Julian has plenty of money to get the kind of place he wants and at the moment I am living on my savings and earning about $100 per week.

July 2021

So I did get a job at an alternative school that I was growing to love.  But the universe had other plans, and moved me to a traditional high school and no longer teaching academic classes. I knew it wasn’t the right fit but it did remind me of a job I have wanted since I was much younger.  Working with ELL (English Language Learners).  I started assisting in an ESL class and remembered this is what I wanted to do since high school.  I did a guided meditation about 20 years ago and it was quite clear. I was teaching students of color English and there was much laughter and good feelings.

I did rent a house with a nice backyard, big kitchen and spare room for a year.  Then Mark bought a house with a big fenced in backyard, now a vegetable garden, surrounded by woods.  I took the MTEL for ESL. and have a third interview for a job teaching ESL.  But I am staying open.  I never heard back from the young man who gave me his djembe. I think about him when ever I drive through his neighborhood and I hope he is happy and healthy.  Mark gave away the keyboard.

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